Carol's Cross Stitch

Welcome to Carol's Cross Stitch! This site is dedicated to cross stitch and embroidery. I'm working diligently - I don't have much time, but I'm trying! When it's complete, it will offer lots of stitching instructions and many, many free patterns. Ultimately, it will include a great deal of the content you've been seeing the last few years at About Cross Stitch, created while I was the Guide of that site. I'll still be available to answer your email and questions. I do ask your patience if it takes me a while to respond.

I have lots of plans for the site, and I've experienced some delays in getting things as I need them to be, but here's a quick view of what's coming:

  • free patterns, lots of them
  • a collection of stitching tips
  • reviews of books and products of interest to stitchers
  • a discussion board where you can meet and greet other stitchers (and me!)
  • links to other great stitching sites on the Web
  • lots more! Send me your ideas, too!
As part of a new design venture with Valdani Threads, I will be offering free patterns on their site and a line of designs created just for their very special threads. Be sure to visit Valdani and see what their threads are like. The first free pattern is a little pink heart, especially created with their threads.
I'll have links to places on the web that are of interest to stitchers. I know you'll enjoy all the free pattern links I'm going to include to sites that offer patterns to you for free!
Don't miss new free patterns as they are added! Subscribe now to my newsletter, and you'll receive regular updates of what's new, free patterns, featured web sites, and much, much more. The first newsletter should be coming out soon (sorry for the long delay), and will continue regularly after that. sure to bookmark this page, so you don't forget where to find me!
See below for the free patterns I've got ready for you on this site. I'll have more very soon! Please check back often for new additions - until I get that newsletter going!

Scrollwork Plaid Heart Pattern Page

Plaid Tree Pattern Page

Scrollwork Plaid Heart Pattern Page

Free Patterns Listing Coming Soon!